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Why Is Marijuana Illegal?

There is one individual responsible for the draconian laws that have been imprisoning our peoples and planet for TOO LONG! His twisted hate and lies have formed the foundation for the current U.S. federal drug policies both domestic and foreign. Presidents Nixon (1969-1974), Reagan (1981-1989), and George Bush (1989-1993) intensified the drug war, justifying such efforts with arguments initially developed by...

*In 1937, Anslinger testified before Congress saying, “Marijuana is the most violence-causing drug in the history of mankind.”

Anslinger pushed on Congress as a factual statement that about 50% of all violent crimes committed in the U.S. were committed by Spaniards, Mexican-Americans, Latin Americans, Filipinos, African-Americans and Greeks, and these crimes could be traced directly to marijuana. Read more...

*From Anslinger’s own records given to Pennsylvania State University, ref.: Li Cata Murders, etc.

For almost a third of a century, from 1930 until 1962, one man, Harry Jacob Anslinger (1892-1975), had the dominant role in shaping and enforcing U.S. policy about the use of drugs. Anslinger was Commissioner of the U.S. Treasury Department Bureau of Narcotics from 1930 to 1962, chief U.S. delegate to international drug agencies until 1970, and a leading proponent of repressive anti drug measures in the United States—and worldwide. Read more...