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Sour Diesel
One of the most potent marijuana strains that currently exists. It has won the cannabis cup several times and the High Times Plant of the Year award in 2005. Sour Diesel taste combined with its effects may be considered an “extreme sport” version of cannabis. The stone pulls smokers into the sky fast with a viscerally uplifting pleasure and lots of consciousness expansion in the direction of spirituality. This good-vibe variety may help alleviate chronic depression, as well as the ordinary blahs by encouraging a change in perspective.
Durban Poison
Hailing from an unknown garden, Durban Poison is an exclusively inbred South African sativa crossed with a F1 cross. Considered 100% sativa. It produces solid, dense buds and its taste is sweet and it has a trippy uplifting high.


Jack Flash
Jack Flash is a hybrid cross between Jack Herer, Super Skunk and the original Haze father. The taste is both acrid and sweet with a refined mix of spiced fruit and cool Haze. JF has a refreshed, uplifting cerebral buzz and warm body sensations.
Skunk #1
Skunk # 1 is a classic strain , originally bred in Holland, it’s the first sinsemilla marijuana variety. Skunk #1 has a parentage of Afghani, Mexican gold and Colombian gold. It’s known for its strong potent high and both a skunky and a sweet taste.
Big Buddha Cheese – Coming Soon!
Originating, and still growing around the U.K and now, Holland, this 15 year old variety has been the leading dominant strain in the history of the underground British Indoor cannabis scene. Taste: Cheesy + fruity. Buzz Type: Good strong quick high.
Train Wreck – Coming Soon!
The name trainwreck come from the fact that when you smoke this weed your face feels like it was hit by a train. It’s high is very frontal and facial with a guaranteed slack jaw. The taste and smell are to die for, and you just have to keep a tissue handy to wipe the resin off your lips from the milky hits the bong will give you.


White Widow – Coming Soon!
White Widow is probably the world’s favorite weed. Winner of the 1995 Cannabis Cup, it is among the most popular varieties on coffee shop menus in Holland. White Widow Buds are fairly compact to support its massive amounts of white resin. White Widow gives a powerful buzz, being both energetic and very social. With THC levels at approximately 20%, White Widow is one of the strongest strains in the world.
Island Sweet Skunk – Coming Soon!
The Island Sweet Skunk (ISS) has been grown on Vancouver Island in BC for many years as a stabilized Sativa-Skunk cross. This strain has been tested at 19.6% THC when finished, making it a major favorite amongst the medical community, as it takes less to properly medicate. Admired for its strong Sativa like high, the ISS has a very unique taste and od our.


LA Kush – Coming Soon!
Usually referring to the Kush strain family which is named after it’s birth place, the Hindu Kush region of the Himalayan Mountains in Afghanistan (ex. Hindu Kush, OG Kush, Master Kush, Bubba Kush, Purple Kush, etc). Kush is usually a Indica dominated strain with a very stoney high.
Chem Dog – Coming Soon!
The newest powerhouse of the Kush/Diesel family, Chemdog’s potency is the stuff of legend, with glaucoma sufferers in particular praising its qualities for relieving eye pressure. Users say its odor can overpower a room!
MamaSan – Coming Soon!
A COLORADO HYBRID ORIGINAL! Only available at Herbal Connections. Very aromatic skunk smell crossed with an earthy spiciness. Good clean ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH followed by a mellow come down. A favorite of all our friends and family for years!
The Cough – Coming Soon!
Cough tickles the lungs with her creamy-sweet smoke, whose flavor resembles spiciness and sweetness. The buzz is heady and active, a classic let’s-go-hiking sativa lift that can alleviate depression.
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