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Top Five Wax Pens In The Market Today

Wax Pens vaporizers have actually come a long way since they were first introduced into the market years ago. Ceramic, titanium and quartz (materials that were very rare to find incorporated to wax atomizers) have now become the industry standard. Extended battery life, advanced temperature control, and overall dependability have helped wax pens evolve into more than just an easy, quick way to enjoy wax concentrates. Today, wax pens are now just as reliable and powerful as their pricey dab rig predecessors, plus feature with the added elements discretion and portability- allowing you to break free from the confines of your home and expand your shatter horizon to great outdoors!

There are so many great wax pens for dabs out there- but how do you know which one is the best? To help you answer this question, check out on what we consider to be the best wax vaporizers on the market today.

  1. KandyPens Gravity

Some laws are just meant to be broken and the law of gravity is not an exception. Be prepared to have the best vaping experience with the latest release from KandyPens- the Gravity vaporizer. Gravity vaporizer is expertly crafted with the best quality materials. It features an advanced atomizer (coil less ceramic and quartz crystal), a stealth sandblasted black finish as well as temperature batteries with four variable heat settings. Covered by a lifetime warranty (battery), the Gravity is a must have vaporizer for any oil connoisseur.

  1. #ThisThingsRips R Series 2

#ThisThingsRips has quickly become one of the most recognizable names in the vaping industry. Best known for producing vape pens that do not break the bank, all wax pens from #ThisThingsRips feature a unique Polycarbonate Visual Heating Chamber that enables you to watch your dab bubble as it heats, as well as see the ensuring clouds formation. One of the latest releases from their flagship R series line, the R2, improves its features from its previous iterations by doing away with the standard fiber threaded atomizer and replacing it with a premium ceramic rod for enhanced performance and flavor.

  1. DipStick

And now for something entirely different- the DipStick vaporizer introduces a whole new way to vape. Breaking the way traditional wax pen vaporizers were made, the DipStick offers a no mess solution to the often sticky art of dabbing. Instead of using a conventional atomizer that needs you to load your dab onto a ceramic dish or coil, the DipStick features a unique coil atomizer that you directly dip into your concentrates. By essentially doing away with the hassle and mess that’s typically associated with standard vaporizers.

  1. Cloud Pen 3.0

Cloud Pen is a name every dab enthusiast should be familiar with. Cloud Pen is one of the original elips-style works and has been mentioned year after another in High Times Magazines Vape Pen Buyer’s Guide.

More versatile and more powerful compared to its predecessor, the cloud Pen 3.0 is one of the most advanced cloud Pens. Powered by a 650mAh elips (flat) battery, Cloud Pen 3.0 packs twice as much juice as most of other elips vaporizers. In addition to a Powerful Dual Ceramic Atomizer with hand wrapped titanium coil and a high-quality attachment of Atlas Glass Globe, the Cloud Pen 3.0 also includes an atomizer for dry herb. This allows you to enjoy both the concentrates and the flower using the same device.

  1. Source Orb XL Flosstradamus

Music and getting lifted goes hand in hand, so the fact that EDM icons and trap gods Flosstradamus teamed up with Source Vapes makes perfect sense. This vaporizer is specially built for serious dabbers; this special edition is like no other vapor pen you’ve ever seen. The Volt powers the Floss: Source vapes 30W sub-ohm box mod battery. That’s more than five times more voltage than a standard vaporizer can offer. Along with that, it also utilizes triple quartz atomizers that feature grade one titanium coils and the largest capacity of I gram than many other vaporizers in the market today.